Typical cake
All of our cakes are approximately 4" high with three layers of cake and two layers of filling to hold it together.

Layers and tiers
Our cakes are made of three layers of cake in each tier. We can design a single tier cake (3 layers), a two-tier cake (2 tiers of three layers each), a three-tier cake, etc.

Layers and tiers - variations
We can design cakes that have more or less layers than our typical cake. A 6-layer cake (twice the number of layers) is called a double barrel. A 2-layer tier is often used as the bottom tier of a multi-tier cake to give it a lower foundation. 

Smash cakes
Smash cakes are small cakes that babies can smash into often to spare the larger birthday cake from being destroyed. Our smash cakes are 6" two-layer cakes. We recommend a vanilla cake frosted in white vanilla to reduce the overall mess of smashing. (A cake decorated with blue icing, for example, most often results in a blue baby.)

Regular size cake
There is no "regular size" of cake since all of our cakes are designed with each client in mind. Tell us how many people you need to serve and we will calculate the size needed.

Size of cake calculation
We use the Wilton serving size of 1.5" x 2" as our guide. Their serving size chart can be accessed here: http://www.wilton.com/cake-serving-guide/cms-baking-serving-guide.html#q=serving+chart&start=16